• Karl

Would you Adam & Eve it!

Some of you may know all about this strip of mine, some of you may not.

Ok, so those that do, twiddle your fingers for a while, for those who don’t, here’s a brief description of what it’s all about. Because let’s face it, first glances gives it a pretty heretical feel; but it’s not. Honest.

First off it’s not a preachy religious cartoon it is simply the old husband and wife strip with a twist. Effectively it’s about Adam & Eve in middle age and what life is like once the magic has gone, or a cartoon strip with four characters: Adam, Eve, a snake and God.

But the real reason for this strip? Well it’s a cartoon that’s been running on my Facelessbook page for a while now and is growing in popularity, so please feel free to join my page and get the strips hot off the presses, as it where, three times a week.

But if you’re happy where you are then every month, around the middle, I will publish the best of the months strips. Below is a selection of a few of my favourite strips from the past month or two.

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