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Village Update Part VI

Like the last Village Update I've decided to throw all the pages in this sequence into one post. I would love to run it weekly, as a webcomic, but my many commitments prohibit me from doing so at present. Not that this isn't an option for the future, but for now we will just have to wait.

But that said, we are now just one small sequence off me running the whole first and second chapter from the original novel with illustrations.

In the meantime---and if you are new to this regular feature of cartooningdiary then please feel free to catch up on all the pages on the Sleepy Hamlet archives page.

Story Update

In this sequence, we go back upstairs to find out what has agitated Lord Hamlet so much, and why his wife, Lady Hermione, is enjoying it as much as she is.

Okay, nuff said. Let's go with the three pages...

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