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Village Update Part V---Chapter II

As I did in first Village Update I am once again going to run all the pages from the second part of my labour-of-love Sleepy Hamlet graphic novel, the Night of the Village Idiots.

Some would say I should save it all and just give snippets; saving the whole thing for a big book release. But I think you deserve better. This is a Cartoonist diary, my diary, and I want you to share in it all.

I also mentioned in a previous post that I would be publishing, in probably three parts, the whole of chapters one and two from the original novel, from which this book is abridged. But more on that in another Village Update post.

Incidentally, if you would like to catch up on all the news from this project, then please click here for the Sleepy Hamlet Archives section.

But for now, here are the next five pages from the Night of the Village Idiots.


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