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Village Update Part IV---the Colouring Process

Well this will be good news: I won't be babbling on for an eternity on this post.

This is part IV of my behind the scenes look at the creating of my labour-of-love graphic novel the Night of the Village idiots, where I will be taking you through the whole process of how I produce a finished page, with an added bonus of a video of me inking the first panel.

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Also, as I mention a ridiculously regular amount of times, this graphic novel is abridged from my written novel of the same name and can be purchased here, should you wish to read along, or can't wait to see how it ends.

Other than that, read on my friends and enjoy.

Stage one: After the pencil and inking comes the scanning and cleaning up of the artwork. This needs to be done as the printed page cannot have marks all over it caused by scratches, dust and missed pencil lines

Stage 2: Dropping in the black solids and shading. This stage sets the tone for the colouring

Stage 3: putting in the flat colours and balancing them together so as not to have a page of every different colour on the wheel. Not balancing the colour can make for a very confusing page and put the reader off

Stage four: Building up the colour layers. First part is to decide where the light is coming from then use the shade to bring the whole page into a three dimensional delight and really punch the page out. Finally finish with the lettering.

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