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Three for one update

A few weeks back I uploaded some photo images of a range of cards I wanted to produce. They're somewhat experimental in the fact that they were going to be quite involved in the art.

Now I'm not sure how they will be received---and greeting card art directors have always said to keep the designs simple as simple gets your attention. But I always wondered if maybe given a choice, the public might just want to go with a busy design, I know they loved Giles and Thelwell cards, both of which were very busy.

I also spent a fair bit of time hanging around the greeting card sections of shops and was encouraged to see that people really do study the card. They don't just laugh at the joke, but take time to peruse the art.

Now I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong here, I just wanted to see if the natural order wouldn't mind having it's boundaries pushed a little.

Anyway, here's the coloured images all completed and just heading off to the printers. I'm putting three out and plan another five for the initial sell and if that goes well, then more will follow.

I will, of course, keep you updated.

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