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Three for One

I've already launched a set of greeting cards and so far I have sold out, which is great news. Now I have to re order and fill my back room back up with more of the same having just emptied it. But that's also good to...which makes me think I need to set up a shop on here one day soon.

But before I re-order the cards I have a new range that I want to add. The theme for this will be Rugby. One because I love drawing big thunking brutes crashing and thudding around the place, and two, I live in a country that worships the sport with an almost religious zeal, and if that's not a market singing out to me then I don't know what is.

I've been told in the past that a busy scene on a greetings card is not what the public wants. Now I'm not the kind of guy who's going to argue the toss for no reason at all, especially with an industry that has far more experience that little old me, but I can remember when I was a child getting either a Thelwell or Giles Christmas card and pouring over the image, taking in all the rich detail and background humour, and they simply made my Christmas even more of a joy. So I kind of beg to differ on the whole 'the-public-don't-want-busy-images-on-their-cards thing.

But, being someone who always believes in fair play, I'll be releasing six Rugby designs; three will be simple ones and three to be more of an involved layout, and we will let the buyer decide which they prefer.

Below I've added the pen and ink work for two of the involved ones (colour to come soon) and the finished colour version of the third. Hopefully either next week or the week after I will be able to show the less busy ones.

Title: The Line Out

Title; Last minute Penalty Kick

Title: Injury Time

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