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The World Greatest Comic...and my little bit in it.

This whole Covid thingy has brought a lot of misery and suffering to the world; many people have become frustrated and bored to near rioting levels. But it has also brought some positive stuff, some fun stuff and some downright silly stuff, and I have been lucky enough to be party to some or all of it. (Except the rioting bit, even I'm not that silly)

A few weeks back I was thinking about producing a comic with either another cartoonist or possibly a collection of cartoonist.

The idea was that I would do a page and send the last panel of that page along to the next cartoonist who would do his or her page based on what they thought was happening just from looking at my last panel. Then they would send their pages last panel onto the next cartoonist in the chain and so it would go on until enough pages were completed for a book.

It would just be silliness personified and I still may do it.

But then the very next day, on Facelessbook, Steve Keast starts up a similar idea---his being the cartoonist gets to follow a set narrative based on the previous cartoonist's page, with the result of giving us cartoony oddballs something to do with our lock down. The result was the Worlds Greatest Comic.

It's not over yet, oh no by Jimminy it isn't, and cartoonist are still happily contributing to it. But seeing as this is my blog, I thought I would share my page with you.

If you want to see more then please follow this link.

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