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the Village Update---Sleepy Hamlet

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

I have been busy, but that's no excuse. And I'm sorry.

In my bid to be all things to everyone, I have been stretching myself to breaking point and sadly something has had to give.

Now having started this here blog I am determined this will not be one of them, hence the many and varied posts that you see all around you.

But that said, it has been a while since I posted anything about Sleepy Hamlet, and today is the day I rectify that.

The first Sleepy Hamlet post really just got you updated as to what I wanted to do, and how you could follow me while I did it. From here on in I will be posting more details about the book and some finished pages, and today, as by way of a catch up, I will be posting the next four completed pages that take us up to the end of act 1 scene 1.

On a related point. When I have finished chapter one I intend to dedicate an entire post, with a few illustrations, for Chapter 1 of the written novel. Now that will be something worth coming back I assure you as this has never been done by me before.

Of course if you want to be kept bang up to date with all the movements within this project, I would be delighted to have you come and like my Facelessbook page the Making of Sleepy Hamlet. Alternatively, you can subscribe to this, the Cartoonist Diary and have every silly, odd, informative and probably bizarre post sent to your inbox making sure you never miss one idiotic thing I say or do.

Oh the choice.


All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon