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The Making of Sleepy Hamlet No. 1---Why did I agree to this?

Exactly, why did I agree to do this?

Well, in a moment of weakness---and while under the influence of probably a little too much alcohol--- I agreed to produce a 125 page graphic novel. Not for a client or a huge group of followers. No, I just agreed to do it.

'Okay', I hear you say, 'you have a story, a set of characters and an ability to be silly on paper. So what's the problem?'

The problem is, dear reader, that around 4 or so years ago I was sitting in front of the computer---not unlike I am now---struggling with a conundrum. That conundrum was this:

I have a story to tell but I'm not sure if I should produce it as a novel, or a graphic novel; I went with the novel option where, in hindsight, I should've gone with the graphic one.

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy writing the book, au contraire, I enjoyed it immensely. You see to me it was a challenge. Something I just had to do.


Because I am what you might call a recovering dyslexic. I have, over the past thirty odd years systematically taught myself how to write without making mistakes, create a story, tell a tale, write a blog and many such other things that at one time just seemed impossible.

Oh don't get me wrong, I still make mistakes---we all do---but from where I was---which was an inability to write a sentence without sending the spell check spiralling into terminal meltdown---to where I am now, is, quite frankly, a testament to my bull headed refusal to accept defeat.

So you can see why I wanted the challenge. I wanted to hold a novel in my hand and say, 'I wrote every damned word in that book'. And it was an amazing feeling of achievement, and I don't regret a single second of it. The downside is now I am committed to doing the right thing, which is the graphic novel.

And as if to make it doubly or even trebly impossible to wriggle out of, I am documenting the whole journey on this here blog---in the form of regular updates---and on my new Facebook page the making of Sleepy Hamlet. which I would be delighted to have you join.

So, here we go. Day 1, post one, and we are off on what I hope will be an artistic voyage of discovery that we can all enjoy. Oh I'm sure there will be disasters, laughter and even some tears along the way---and I will be sharing them all with you, and I'm sure there will be dark moments when I would do anything to get out of it---but I wont.

As they say: nothing worth having in life ever came easily, and I'm sure the making of Sleepy Hamlet will be the proof of that particular pudding. But I am committed and I am going to complete this thing, and I hope you will want to come along for the ride.

But on another note, the novel is still out there, and by clicking here or by clicking the image atop this blog, you can still purchase yourselves a copy and follow my trials and see how I abridge the book and turn words into many, many panels of pictures.

And if you do want to come along for the ride, then why not subscribe and never miss any of my posts.


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