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The Easter Egg Hunt---Part III

Now came the tricky bit.

Because this book was one that had the child's name in it, I had to effectively do the same book twice. Now not only would that have been very frustrating and laborious, it would also have been very much more expensive; involving as it did producing two sets of the same picture; one for the boy and one for the girl.

But goody two shoes as I am, I found a way around it by producing one picture and leaving a space to drop the boy and girl in at the end.

Once all the pictures had been completed, I placed the originals that required the children in on a light box and drew the boy, then the girl on an overlaid piece of cartridge paper (I use Daler Rowney heavyweight 220gm or 135lb acid free paper).

I drew them both, in identical sets of poses, scanned them into Photoshop, coloured them and dropped both sets into the picture.

Once all this was done it was a simple case of uploading the pages to Dropbox and letting eBUYgumm know that their latest children's book was ready to be lettered and sent off to the printers.

Normally I would do the lettering myself, like I did with their Christmas book, but this time they wanted to handle that at their end, seeing as they had written this particular story.

Any way. Here's a few samples of the stages of some of the pages from the book.

First off I colour the pages, leaving the gap for the boy and girl to go into. Also leaving space at the top to drop the lettering in.

Then I place the finished art under the cartridge paper and draw sets of the boy and girl in identical poses.

Then I simply drop the relevant image onto the background picture like below.

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All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon