• Karl

The Big Sleepy Hamlet Update

You know it's been a weird and very busy time for me as of late; well if you don't you should do, as I've been banging on about it like a whinny little %$£%^$ as of late.

But here's the thing, I have just added to it by committing myself to extra work in the form of more regular blog posts. Well, I do pay for this site and it would be silly not to use it, so why the bally hell not, as Lord Hamlet would say.

But before we get to today's post, let me give you an heads up at the new look Friday on the Cartoonist Diary.

The new regular end of week post will be called the 'Friday Double Feature' which will consist of two posts in one day: the first will be the publishing of all the Adam & Eve stories from that week, the other being the Sleepy Hamlet page. But before all that happens, (next Friday being the first one) I have to catch up with everything that I have posted on Facelessbook and Instagram up until now.

So here we go with the first of the 'Super Posts'; the Night of the Village Idiots pages 24-40.

Pages 24-40! Are you freakin' serious?! Yes I am, so get that bottle of wine out, settle back and read on, my friends for tomorrow comes the Adam& Eve stuff, and there's a load of them too!

I hope you liked this post and have had a good look around the site at the many others. I have plenty of exciting projects on and plan many more ideas for the Cartoonist Diary website and blog and I would love to have you come along for the ride. If you like the sound of that, then please sign up below and get a link emailed to you every time I post something new.


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