Sleepy Hamlet---the Christmas Story

Updated: May 2

Well did I not grovel in the last post about missing the Adam& Eve updates? Yes I did, and if you missed it, it was a treat, but you can re read it here.

Anyway, second grovel. I did start a stand alone Sleepy Hamlet Christmas tale and WAS supposed to publish it weekly here. I was also supposed to continue with the weekly tale after wards, and that went **** up too.

So in all honesty I am a very naughty boy and I have given myself a severe talking to. The good news is, you will not miss out as starting today I am playing catch up with copious amounts of grovelling in between and even a few fresh brand new posts, never before seen...even by me because I haven't done them yet... or probably even thought about them.

Right, so here it is, the stand alone Sleepy Hamlet story, a Wassailing Merry Christmas in its entirety.

Enjoy. Tomorrow more grovelling and January's Adam & Eve strips followed by even more creeping around and catch up with the Sleepy Hamlet tale, the Night of the Village Idiots.

Phew, by the end of the week I'll be all grovelled out!

But don't worry, this is me. I'm bound to screw up somewhere else. But on the bright side; it is all free.

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