• Karl

Sleepy Hamlet---Page 22

And so it begins. The all new way of viewing the Night of the Village Idiots.

The story so far: Lady Hamlet has replaced the painting of the Illustrious Lord Cecil Hamlet, that always reposed above the grand fire place at Hamlet Hall, with a painting of her own father.

This was enough of an act of war so far as Lord Hamlet was concerned, but when he discovered it had been painted by an artist from Little Underwood---every Sleepy Hamlers' sworn enemy---he could take no more.

Now please read on.

Next week: The war of words between Lady Hermione Hamlet and Lord Basil enter into family slander and a marital revelation. So don't forget to come back for more village idiotry from the eccentric inhabitants of Sleepy Hamlet.

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All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon