• Karl

Old Wives' Tales

For years I used to produce little pocket editorial cartoons for local papers, highlighting the oddities and peculiarities of its denizens.

I had great fun and often said that the difference between the nationals and the weekly local papers was content: Nationals dealt in misery, lies and suffering, whereas local papers really tried to send an upbeat message about the community it served to the people who read it.

And, of course, over the years a lot of the editors I worked with moved on, took up new posts, and more often than not asked me to produce a cartoon for their new paper, thus increasing my workload and following.

One such Editor moved to edit a local magazine called the Dalesman. Initially he had me doing the same kind of thing I had done before. But after a while he asked if I could produce a special panel cartoon, specific to Yorkshire. The result is this. A single panel completely dedicated to what northern women think about their men.

It's a simple premise, but a wide searching one. Some may see a parallel to my other cartoon Adam & Eve. Any similarities are purely marital based.

Anyway, for fun I thought I would publish one every now and then and explain the language they use.


All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon