• Karl

More ways to enjoy Sleepy Hamlet

I'm actually quite excited about this.

I've been looking for new ways to get the Sleepy Hamlet message over. I've already given it it's dedicated Facelessbook page and the readership is growing quite nicely; I've also started running it on Instagram, but I still feel I should be doing more.

The first thing I thought was to try and run a weekly page here on the blog to run parallel with the 'Making of Sleepy Hamlet' Facelessbook page'. This is an 'Okay' idea and I'm sure that any extra activity will pick up readers by the very nature of there being new and extra activity, but...

I needed something completely different. A new way to consume Sleepy Hamlet that gets to a completely new audience, one that it may not naturally find on a blog or Facelessbook page.

That's when I thought of YouTube.

YouTube would give the reader an option to view the panels individually and more clearly. It would also give me the option to give a little talk at the beginning about what's happening, how new readers can catch up, steer them to our little corner of the net and hopefully bring a whole new group of people into the world of Sleepy Hamlet and its idiotic and wonderfully eccentric characters.

Also it would give an incentive to subscribe and keep coming back every week to see what happens next, a kind of serial, if you like, and that's something I've personally never seen before on YouTube.

I think it's a pretty exciting, and so far as I am aware, original way of viewing a webcomic and who knows, it may even give me an income which will eventually enable me to produce more Sleepy Hamlet stories and ideas.

Anyway, starting next Friday, 8th November 2018, I will begin to run a weekly page on here, and hopefully a few weeks later I will start the dedicated Sleepy Hamlet YouTube channel. I will also run the video below the strip on it's blog page.

But as a taster, here's the intro page to the new chapter.

Enjoy and as always, please subscribe below to guarantee not missing a single Sleepy Hamlet post or anything else I put up on the 'Cartoonist Diary.'


All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon