• Karl

Lock-Down Cartoons.

Updated: Apr 25

Like many of you I had no idea what to expect. Was the virus going to blow itself out, was it going to mutate, was it going to...well you get the picture.

All I knew with any degree of certainty was I was going to be on lock-down, just like everyone else. But unlike most people I was not really going to suffer too much (so long as I didn't catch the virus, that is) because as a cartoonist we spend most of our days stuck inside, so not much of a change there.

But what was I going to do when so many companies were now at home hiding behind their couches with a packet of wet wipes in one hand and a bottle of industrial strength sanitiser in the other.

So I thought, why not actually make this thing what it is, a diary of a cartoonist.

So just for fun let's see if I can post something as near-as-dam-it every day for as long as possible and hopefully entertain you all along the way. So first off, here are some editorial cartoons I've been doing on the virus itself. They can be purchased here at Cartoonstock if you are an editor and in need of this sort of thing.


All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon