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Girl Chat Part IV---the Original Girls

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

And here it is, the final in the 'Girl Chat sequence of posts.

We've been through the beginning, the middle, and the end of the strips life, and if you are new to this blog, the other articles in this stream can be found here, here and here

Like I've just stated above, we've been through how the strip was launched, the sometimes difficult middle bits and it's final demise. But what I haven't dealt with is how it all really began.

I am a cartoonist. This site is a testament to that fact, but the readers of the Girl Chat strip didn't know that. No one knew that. In those days there was no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; no YouTube Linkdin or any social media site. Hell there wasn't even an internet. So when people saw 'written by' in front of my name they automatically assumed I was a writer.

But as I said in the first post, I originally submitted Girl Chat as a comic cartoon strip; it had nothing to do with nudity or innuendo, it was simply a strip about two opposites living in a shared house in the big city.

So in this, my final post on Girl Chat, I thought I would show you how the characters looked in their original form. Like I said, just a bit of fun. John did a terrific job on drawing the strip and I always loved what he did. But for those interested, this is how Girl Chat really started out.

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In the Original strip the girls were called Cheri and Louise. In the Daily Mirror version Louise became Pippa for some reason

And then here is John's strip, with the new added sexual angle.

See you all soon.


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