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Ebuygumm book number 2

The boys from eBuygumm. Created by myself, copyright eBuygumm

Just so as you know, the latest project on the board is this; the Great Easter Bunny Chase.

It's a book that has been commissioned by eBuygumm to be given away to any customer who signs up for a free account.

The idea was to have a story using the customers child's name. They first tried this for Christmas and sold out of what I thought was a very healthy print run. Now on the back of that, they are running the exact same promotion for Easter, only this time with a few more added extras like a longer story and a whole pack of puzzle pages. You can also order your copy here and have it posted as soon as it is completed.

This will be a small post just to make you aware that eBuygumm have asked me to help with the marketing of this project by posting a whole host of progress blog-posts on the book. So here's the first one, the front cover. The next will be about the rough layout stages.

Front Cover for the eBuygumm book the Easter Bunny Chase

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All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon