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Easter Egg Hunt part II

I have this friend who runs an awful lot of businesses, and he's very good at it. A while ago he asked me to produce an Easter Children's book on the back of the very popular Christmas title we did for his company, eBUYgumm

In this, the second of the posts that takes you through the process of creating a corporate picture book, I will explain all the background stuff that goes into placing the final product into your hands.

Stage 1---the story.

I had quoted for and had to now create the story of the Easter Egg Hunt, although originally titled the Easter Bunny Chase. First change.

Sometimes the first draft is an instant hit with absolutely no hitches or changes, but very few jobs go that well, and this job was going to prove to be the rule, not the exception.

Darren, having read what I had done, decided to take my basic premise and write a similar story, one that he felt met his branding more directly.

This was by no means a reflection on what I'd written---Darren was very clear about that---but, as often happens with a customer, you give them an idea and they are inspired to see in it something they had not seen before. So from his end they wrote a whole new story and sent the script back to me.

Once I had the amended story it was time to move onto the roughs. Normally the detail in my roughs are very scant, or rather they are when I get to know a customer well and they have seen enough of my finished work to know what to expect in the completed job.

But for this commission I felt the roughs needed to be more detailed for two reasons. First, I believed they needed to be more concise as a lot of the story was going to be heavily referenced in the art. As a result, the roughs came through a lot clearer than they normally would.

Reason two was simply that I knew by this point I would be mirroring the books progress with my blog, and you needed to see what I was doing more clearly.

With that in mind, below I have posted all of the roughs. So go on, take a dip in and enjoy the backroom stuff. The stuff you would never normally see.

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