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Double Feature Friday---Sleepy Hamlet 43

Welcome to another Double Feature Friday.

I know, it's a day late. I have absolutely no idea what went wrong but I have been having some tech problems with the site so that could've been a contributing factor...

Yeah, let's go with that. Let's pass the buck. It's always easier.

Anyway, back to Sleepy Hamlet and this weeks story.

Last week Lord Hamlet had his rant. His spleen venting session. His moment of vitriolic diatribe. This week it's Lady Hermione Hamlet's turn, but Lord Hamlet's not listening; something else is occupying his mind. And lets face it, with a mind that small there really isn't enough room for more that one subject at a time.

Next week we return to the Kitchen's of Hamlet Hall to reacquaint ourselves with the situation down there.

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