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Double Feature Friday---Adam & Eve 2

Well, here we go with another Double Feature Friday where I show the whole weeks worth of Adam & Eve cartoons. Of course if you want to read even more then just go to their archive section and fill yer boots.

This week Adam becomes helpful, Adam delegates and then Adam reverts back to Adam.

Our little marital misfits have been in Lock-Down now for as long as you have, but with all the conflicting opinions about what is best and what isn't, and who is allowed out and who has to stay in, the Lock-Down has become something we are no longer all suffering together.

So for that reason, and that reason alone, I shall be bringing Adam & Eve out of Lock-Down as of Monday.

Initially I placed them in Lock-Down for a bit of social humour, but this whole thing is getting such a mixed press and causing such anxiety, I came to the decision that what started out as a contemporary bit of cartoon humour is now in danger of becoming associated with the suffering and frustration.

And the one thing a comic should never be is depressing. So for better or worse, the two idiots will be back in their own little Eden as of Monday.

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