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Diary of a Cartoonist---and Some Illustration Stuff.

Updated: May 23

Before we get to the point of the post I guess I should tell you what else I've been up to during lock-down.

The life of a cartoonist is not all glamour, you know. Oh no its not. In fact it really isn't at all.

So to give myself a break from looking at paper, pencils, rubbers and computer screens I ventured into the garden to tackle a recalcitrant weed that had been gently colonising my shed to such a degree that the dashed cocky fellow had set up a parliament and was holding free elections on the subject of independence from the rest of the garden.

As you can imagine, I was not having that kind of subversive talk so close to the Begonias; you know what Begonias can be like, one sniff of dissension and they go all communist on your ass. So I got out the heavy duty clippers and went in.

My first job was to climb the wall, a wall that was built by someone who should never have been allowed near walls; not that I knew this at the time, oh no, I'm not that lucky. Or clever. Or gifted with foresight, or common sense if we're all opening up to the group.

It wasn't until I had climbed the wall that I could see it's shoddyness. It wasn't until I had the head weed by the throat, so to speak, that I could feel the first shakey tremblings of an ill conceived build and it wasn't until the weed---sensing defeat and putting its leaves up in submission, hoping to cop a plea bargain---gave up the ghost and joined me and the top two thirds of the wall by disappearing into next door garden.

Latest update, me and the weed are doing well. I have some bruises and the weed has sought political asylum in Montenegro. The wall, however has been demoted to rockery status and is a lot happier with its new, less stressful life.

Anyway, enough about my life, real or imagined, let us get on with the real reason for the post.

While looking for something else amongst my documents folder I came upon these.

I must have produced the puzzles over fives years back for the Dandy and the Space Pops splash page ten years before that.

Anyway I thought I should upload them here as well as to my illustration page and while I was doing that I thought why not invite you all to hop over there yourselves and take a look around, and while you're at it have a mooch at the other samples of my art on the Caricatures, Comics and Children's Illustration pages too.

Think of it like I am taking you on a viewing of my online home.

The Word Jumble was an idea I submitted, the one below it was a commission from the Dandy's editor.

I hope you liked this post and have had a good look around the site at the many others. I have plenty of exciting projects on and plan many more ideas for the Cartoonist Diary website and blog and I would love to have you come along for the ride. If you like the sound of that, then please sign up below and get a link emailed to you every time I post something new.

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