• Karl

Creating a Single Panel gag

This will be short on verbiage and heavy on image.

But before we get to the posts in this new category of the cartoonist diary, I will have to be a little heavy on verbiage; but just this once. I promise.

On these 'tutorial' posts I will aim, either by video from my YouTube channel, or by step-by-step photo examples, to endeavour a demystification of the art of cartooning and show those that wish to know, how it is that we cartoonist chaps and chapetes do what we do.

All I wont be able to do is explain why the hell we would want to do it.

All this, plus the other regular features like Adam & Eve, Sleepy Hamlet, my silly short stories; and in the future, interviews with actual cartoonists both in print and on the net, will make this 'the' place to be for all things cartoon and cartoonist.

But of course it wont just be these themes, oh no, this is a cartoonist diary so you will be following my life as a cartoonist and getting updates as to my projects and commissioned jobs---where possible--- and a whole bunch of one off and semi regular features. So if I was you, and cartoons are either your world, hobby or interest, I would hit the subscribe button below now and never miss a single post.

Okay, here we go. Lets show you how I drew a single panel gag.


All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon