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Counting Sheep...

Mint Sauce is copyright 2019 Karl Dixon

Mint Sauce! What a great name for a cartoon strip, thinks I a few weeks back.

This kind of thinking is how a lot of my ideas come into being. Some stay exactly as they are, but not many. Most crystallise into something barely resembling what they started out as.

Mint Sauce was one of my crystalline creations.

Like Sleepy Hamlet, which started life as a comic strip before transforming into a novel and now into a graphic novel---a project whose progress we are following very closely here at one such case in mind; as was Adam & Eve, but more on that in another post. Mint Sauce was, so far I was concerned, heading for the farming newspapers and magazines as a comic strip. With it's simple but bold line work, it was a natural for that market. Or so I thought.

But before we leap too far ahead, let us go back a few months to when I was asked by a local shop owner if I would like to have sole control of their greeting card display area for my work. I had to inform the owner that I didn’t have any cards, and naturally thought that would be that. But oh no. 'She said: would I like to produce some?'

Well to be honest, the thought of running my own range of greeting cards had never had never really occurred to me, but now that it was suggested the thought suddenly occurred to me very much; I thought, yes, why not?

And with only three weeks to think up, create and publish thirty cards, I had better get a move on.

'It seems odd now, and maybe fortuitous, I hope, but while I was thinking what to use, my eyes ran over my desk and alighted on the Mint Sauce sketches.'

So using my NoodlePates cartoons (more about them on another post) I redrew and marketed a whole range, plus designing two more lines and delivered the whole package, plus an Adam & Eve calendar to the shop with three days to spare.

So for your delectation and delight, here are a few samples.

One from the Christmas Crackers range

One from the 'Little Santa' range

One of two from the 'NoodlePates' line

The second from the 'NoodlePates' line

To my delight, they all went very well and so naturally I planned to launch an everyday line of cards to build on those sales...I am, after all, always looking for new markets.

It seemed natural that I use more general cartoons from my NoodlePates range, but that wasn't going to be enough. What I needed was a separate range that fitted in with the NoodlePates but was also different. But not too different.

It seems odd now, and maybe fortuitous, I hope, but while I was thinking what to use, my eyes ran over my desk and alighted on the Mint Sauce sketches. The light went on, the paper came out, Photoshop was fired up and in a rather feverish day of activity, little food and two cups of cold tea, Mint Sauce was completed and joining it's sister line NoodlePates, ready to be published.

Both Mint Sauce and the NoodlePates range are at the printers and I'm even now looking at a range of humorous sports designs, and I will let you know how it all goes, as and when it does.

In the meantime, here's a few samples of the Mint Sauce range.

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All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon