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Big Ol' Bear---A children's book project part II

When last we visited this project I had just completed the front cover and the first double page spread---both of which can be seen here---but for those new to it all here's a brief recap of this particular project.

The book is titled 'When the Weather is Nice' and it takes the reader through 32 pages of lavishly illustrated double page spreads, depicting what Big Ol' Bear and his friends get up to on a perfect summers' day, through simple verse and the repetition of words.

I would say it's aimed more at the parent reading while the child listens and looks at the pictures, and that's why I have tried to give the child plenty to look at and enjoy. Originally it was going to be produced in watercolour but then I thought bright Photoshop colouring was probably the way to go.

So anyway, here we go with the next five double page spreads...oh, and I also changed the typeface as the first double spread had a nice typeface, but not very legible for little eyes.

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