• Karl

Adam & Eve---A New Project.

Amongst the many projects I'm presently running I've decided upon a new one. Well not exactly new, but an extension to an existing idea.

It came to me while out on a script writing expedition for Adam & Eve. I had written about four but two of them needed more space than the three panels I normally use; it was while trying to solve this problem that I thought about producing them as full page comics. Then I thought about putting them out as an annual offering to the fans of the trice weekly strip I run here, on Facelessbook, Twitter and Instagram.

And hey presto, I just added another tier of work to the already existing mountain of self publishing projects I working on. But hey, if you the reader likes what I do, who am I not to do it; there's plenty of time to sleep in the after life, or so I am told.

The plan is to write, produce but not publish them until they come out in book, thus enabling their fans to get hold of something completely fresh and new.

Now I know I've published one here, but this is just by was of a taster. I mean I may publish one or two more before the book is done, and to be sure you don't miss it you'd better hit the subscribe button below...see what I just did there?

Anyway, it looks like the problem I had has solved two different issues. 1: it has given me a vehicle for all those gags I've written that are just too long for the comic strip and 2: It's giving Adam & Eve fans something they've not seen, or read to look forward to and hopefully purchase.

Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think.


All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon