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Adam & Eve---A collection of cartoons from September 2019

Here we go, another monthly look at the popular Facelessbook, Instagram and Twitter cartoon strip that runs three times a week.

One again, if you would like to see them as they come out, please feel free to join me on Facelessbook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin by clicking the links atop this page. You are more than welcome.

But while I wait upon your momentous decision, here's a few of the strips from last month.

This month we see Adam criticise art in a very dangerous way, then very briefly take up weightlifting while keeping fit, as his comments on Eve will require him to make a quick getaway.

Eve, on the other hand, discovers a way to cure her slug problem, does a bit of beach combing and revels in bogging Adam down with weight advice.

Meanwhile the annoying little yappy dog (still got to work on a name for him), carries on with his gift giving and the snake takes up inventing and creates the car, starting a discussion that is still raging to this day.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this months little collection and remember to come back for more of the same plus a bundle of other nonsense from the mind of this here cartoonist and his diary.

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All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon