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Adam & Eve---A Collection of Cartoons from October 2019

Here we go, another monthly look at the popular Facelessbook, Instagram and Twitter cartoon strip that runs three times a week.

One again, if you would like to see them as they come out, please feel free to join me on Facelessbook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin by clicking the links atop this page. You are more than welcome.

But while I wait upon your momentous decision, here's a few of the strips from last month.

In a month where Eve learned, probably not too surprisingly, that Adam knew very little about here and where she was in his pecking order of priorities. She also wasn't too keen on his new hobby of Bee-Keeping, but then again I think she'd prefer that to his DIY exploits.

Adam, for his part, does enjoy his new Bee-Keeping hobby and helps Eve with her slow reflexes; he also thinks he's finally found a use for the Yappy Dog.

The snake has two stabs at his Zen philosophy but both, as usual, go right over Adam & Eve's heads.

With heavy storms, Adam's inability to close his mouth and few more road sign gags, it's been another crazy month with Adam & Eve.

On another point, if you wish to follow this strip on Facelessbook, you'll see that this month, Eve will actually try and name the Yappy Dog and Adam has, what he feels, is the perfect name.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this months little collection and remember to come back for more of the same plus a bundle of other nonsense from the mind of this here cartoonist and his diary.

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