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Adam & Eve---A Collection of Cartoons from November 2019

Here we go, another monthly look at the popular Facelessbook, Instagram and Twitter cartoon strip that runs three times a week.

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But while I wait upon your momentous decision, here's a few of the strips from last month.

In this month we see Hallowe'en explained to Adam by the snake and witness another collection of verbal tussles between our loving couples.

We also see Adam take a course on understanding the female brain and Eve demand her own seminar on the male mind with predictable results.

Adam has another of his run ins with the 'Yappy Dog' and also comes up with, what he perceives to be a great name for him/her/it.

Both Adam & Eve take some weight loss advice from the snake, but naturally give their own take on it, and Eve attempts at injecting a little romance into their life again. I think we all know where that's going.

The snake, once again, takes yet another stab at enlightening the odd couple through he Zen quotes.

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All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon