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Adam & Eve---A collection of cartoons from July

Here we go, another monthly look at the popular Facelessbook, Instagram and Twitter cartoon strip that runs three times a week.

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But while I wait upon your momentous decision, here's a few of the strips from last month.

This was a month where Eve comes out remarkably ahead of Adam in the battle of the sexes, but like all redheads, she suffers from her fair skin in these hot summer days, but taking Adam's advice means she suffers a bit more. Eve still tries to get to grips with Adams fishing hobby and she even attempts to save him from drowning.

For his part Adam still never misses a chance to open his big, stupid mouth, tries to find his way home by the stars, annoys the chickens and discovers a new bean---or was it a pill---that helps his early peas this year.

The snake, for his part, is still attempting to enlighten them both with his Zen quotes and the little yappy dog is never far away from Adams thoughts and worrying actions.

So dip in, my friends, and enjoy.

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