A collection of tales and reminiscences from my life both behind and away from the drawing board. I'm not saying they're true, and I'm not saying they're false. All I will say is that in my mind---the mind of a cartoonist---this stuff happened.

1. A Bitter Pill to Swallow---My one and only foray into the modern job interview

2. Nuisance Phone Calls---Where I deal with the seemingly endless stream of sales calls

3. Hire Thought--- Just a tale of me, a ladder salesman and my attempts to hire one

4. Sheep Attack---How a simple Dark Sky episode can go horribly wrong if you are me.

5. Self Help --- A cautionary tale for all egg mayonnaise and watercress sandwich lovers.

6. Tackling the weeds---What I did in an attempt to escape the studio and Lock-Down blues

All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon