I've been, as of 2018, in this business for twenty-five years, and practising for a site more than that before turning professional, and in that time I've illustrated, written, created and generally jumped through more hoops than your average circus sea lion.

Although primarily working in the comics industry of the UK and Europe, I have also worked in local daily and weekly newspapers, greeting card companies, advertising agencies, TV and Film production companies and even the odd .com.

I have self syndicated editorial cartoons, produced specialist strips for a variety of magazines, written and published four graphic novels for a Dutch publisher, self published my own specialist graphic novel for the UK Castles gift shop market (eventually being placed in over 350 stores) and am presently working on a new graphic novel, titled Sleepy Hamlet,a series of children's books featuring my character, Big Ol' Bear and a regular comic strip titled Adam & Eve--all of which will be regularly updated in the blog section of this site.

All artwork and the written word are copyright Karl Dixon